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Peugeot 206, 307, 4007, 308, 407, 607, 807, Boxer, partner 1, & RCZ Starter Motor

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Starter Motor Starter Motor Peugeot 407, 607, 807, Boxer, Partner 1, & RCZ
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Recon & Return Terms

Part & Refund on Return Part

The product will be provided on the premis that the original unit that is being replaced will be returned in a condition that will be able to be remanufactured (see the core acceptance criteria with the product).

Once the unit has been returned in an acceptable condition, a refund will be given.

Part Only

If the product that is being replaced is broken or damged in anyway & cannot be remanufactured then the customer will pay the amount for the product plus an additional amount as the original unit can't be returned for remanufacture.

Recon & Return Only

The customer would prefer to have their own product remanufactured.

**note... the customer is responsible for the return of all products & recon & return items, if the customer would like Steering Direct to arrange collection this is possible & there will be a charge incurred.

Steering Direct will not be responsible for any damages to the products sent by the customer during transportation due to lack of packaging & insufficient protection of the products...**



Starter Motor PEUGEOT 206 1998-on 1.9 D DW8 PEUGEOT 307 2003-on 2.0 HDi DW10BTED4 PEUGEOT 307 2001-on 2.0 HDi DW10TD PEUGEOT 308 2010-on 2.0 HDi RHH DW10CTED4 PEUGEOT 308 2007-on 2.0 HDi RHR DW10BTED4 PEUGEOT 4007 2007-on 2.2 Hdi 115kw 4HN PEUGEOT 406 1998-on 2.0 HDi DW10 PEUGEOT 407 2006-on 2.2 Hdi 125kW PEUGEOT 407 2006-on 2.2 Hdi 4HT 125kW PEUGEOT 607 2005-on 2.0 Hdi RHR DW10BTED4 PEUGEOT 607 2000-on 2.2 Hdi DW12TED4 PEUGEOT 807 2000-on 2.0 Hdi DW10ATED PEUGEOT 807 2006-on 2.0 Hdi DW10B DW10U PEUGEOT 807 2006-on 2.0 Hdi RHH DW10CETD4 PEUGEOT 807 2000-on 2.2 HDi DW12TED4 PEUGEOT Boxer 2002-on 2.0 HDi (244) AC/ RHV PEUGEOT Boxer 2002-on 2.0 HDi (244) RHV PEUGEOT Boxer 2000-on 2.0 Hdi DW10TD PEUGEOT Boxer 2002-on 2.0 Hdi DW10TD PEUGEOT Boxer 2000-on 2.2 Hdi DW12TED PEUGEOT Boxer 2002-on 2.2 Hdi DW12TED PEUGEOT Partner I 1998-on 1.9 D AC/ DW8 PEUGEOT Partner I 1998-on 1.9 D DW8 PEUGEOT Partner I 2004-on 1.9 D WJY PEUGEOT RCZ 2010-on 2.0 Hdi RHH DW10CTED4

Additional Information

Guarantee 12 months or 18000 miles